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Friday, February 06, 2009

Prog 755

In Judge Dredd Twilight’s Last Gleaming Part 2, we officially learn the result of the referendum after the story in the 1992 yearbook spoiled it for us. Yes, the judges beat the democrats fair and square. It’s been a mature story that refers not just all the way back to that first democrat single prog tale several years ago but also to an Error in Judgement before then. It’s Dredd’s personal journey which has forced him to ask about the appropriateness of the system of rule that Mega City One has and if it is what the citizenry really need or want. I guess if you’re John Wagner fated to write this character on and off for thirty years, it makes sense for him to grow if only for your own sanity.

Except, although the opening The Devil You Know was written by Wagner, Twilight’s Last Gleaming is being scripted by Garth Ennis. I found myself wondering after finishing the Judge Dredd story in the 1992 2000 AD yearbook (not that again) if all the stories were from this point onward un-credited if I could work out who had written what. (The Dredd story in the yearbook was un-credited and I had to look it up online). When I notice, two episodes in, that it’s being written by Ennis and not Wagner I find my opinion changing. When the monologue thought by Dredd last prog or the doubt expressed by democrat leader Blondel Dupre this issue was written by Wagner I decided that they were great moments of insight. When they turned out to be written by Ennis, they became ponderous and dull. Of course, it’s good no matter who wrote it. It does go to show however that when Ennis isn’t busy paying tribute to stories from the past and I forget about proving my initial conclusions about his time on Dredd for The Slog by just giving in to what I’m reading, then he compares favourably with the master.

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