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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Prog 751

After a couple of weeks away reading The Magazine and other associated publications, it’s actually quite nice to be back reading 2000 AD again. Although this is a time of re-launch which can fool even the most cynical of Squazz dek Thargo into thinking things are better than they actually are. As you know, there’s nothing quite like a re-launch prog.

Currently the Judge Dredd story The Devil You Know is running in which democratic groups and the judiciary campaign to win the upcoming referendum. It’s a pretty good tale by John Wagner and Jeff Anderson despite me remembering the outcome of the vote not from seventeen years ago but from the 1992 2000 AD Yearbook which I read a couple of days back. There’s a story in there in which Dredd thinks back over the events of the year in Mega City One including Necropolis and the results of the referendum. The thing is that I seem to remember exactly the same thing happening at the time of publication.

In Robo-Hunter by Mark Millar and Anthony Williams, Sam Slade visits his mother to break the news to her of his upcoming marriage to Cutie, his robo-metre. Ignoring this troubling turn in Sam’s love life, I’m surprised that he has any still living relatives left at all. In the 1992 yearbook (that again) we are introduced his gran. You might remember that during the original stories, Sam started out as a very old man whose journey through hyperspace resulted in him becoming young again. This makes me think that Millar’s Robo-Hunter is a complete reboot of the character which has jettisoned the Wagner, Grant and Gibson stories altogether. At least with Rogue Trooper Tharg told us it was a reboot but with this we have been left to work it out for ourselves.

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