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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prog 749

There’s nothing quite like the prog before a re-launch. Inside this issue we have story wrap-ups, a self contained Judge Dredd, a non-thrill specific cover, a Future Shock and even a Tharg story.

It’s usually fun to encounter a Tharg story unfortunately, this one reads a little fitfully. I can’t identify who writes this one as it’s credited to TMO although there are a couple of references to the upcoming Clown strip (shudder) which makes me wonder if it’s by PR droid Igor Goldkind.

In Tharg the Question, the editor of what was once the Galaxy’s greatest comic goes into nervous meltdown when he is asked by a small boy what 2000 AD will be called in the year 2000. Tharg visits the year 2050 in a dream sequence and encounters established characters such as Judge Dredd and Slaine as OAPs. It’s made all the more terrifying reading it now, in 2009, and realising that the chances of this 2050 happening is more and more likely. The story ends with Tharg announcing to his droids what the plans are for the year 2000 which, frustratingly, is kept from the reader. Of course, it transpired that the plan is to continue exactly as they are, keep their heads down and hope no one notices.

My favourite thing about this Tharg tale is the way Eric Bradbury draws the newer droids. Ig-Roid and Cyb-Aud have robot bodies but flesh coloured faces. I don’t know why, but this tickles me. That and Cyb-Aud having robot boobs. What is the design purpose of those?

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