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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prog 747

We’ve been experiencing a good period of strong back up stories recently. Take for example Dead Meat by Michael Cook and Simon Jacob. It’s about an organisation called PULSE, and one of its inspectors, Raam, in particular, who seems to be a genetically modified ram/person cross of some sort, whose purpose it is to route out meat eaters (human or otherwise) and abattoir owners. It’s set in a future London under water and works as a fun parable for environmentalists and vegetarians.

Revere is set in an opposite future London; one burnt dry by the sun. I find it unnerving to think that global warming is part of the public consciousness in 1991 and now, over eighteen years later, we’re still dragging our feet when it comes to tackling it properly. Revere is the story of a young witch boy who seems to be going through a rite of passage. John Smith writes with his new improved elegance while Simon Harrison provides the best art I’ve seen him do. I’ve been critical of his work in the past, particularly his indulgences on Bradley, but here his work is colourful, expressive, stylish and story driven.

Of course it’s not all good news. Harlem Heroes is back. In an earlier editorial, Tharg described this as being a solo story featuring the team’s most popular member, Slice. Excuse me but a meathead is a meathead is a meathead. I imagine from Michael Fleisher’s point of view, writing one meathead instead five is somehow easier. On the other hand, Geoff Senior’s art is deceptive. On the surface it looks casual and fit for purpose but actually there’s lots of little design flares and flicks of the wrist that make his work wonderful to engage with.

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