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Monday, January 12, 2009

Prog 745

Below Zero, the latest in the series of Tanner adventures comes to its conclusion this prog after fourteen episodes. In it, Tanner is hired by a Virtual Reality company to investigate murders of their clients that have been taking place as they are immersed in their fantasy worlds. After failing to prevent any it seems, Tanner discovers that it’s all an elaborate trap for him.

Although it doesn’t have the same creative investment as, say, something like Killing Time had, I really enjoyed Below Zero. It’s more in the ‘old school’ 2000 AD vein which, in light of the editorial turbulence the comic has experienced over the last few years, is refreshing. Writer John Brosnan isn’t interested in over pondering and plot extension. His stories are fat free which is exactly what I seem to be in the mood for when they appear.

Kev Hopgood’s art is solid and completely suited for the tone of the story. For Below Zero, Tanner’s adventure is in colour for the first time in the weekly and, let me tell you, it looks vibrant.

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