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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Judge Dredd The Megazine 1.18

This issues cover, as you can see, is a collage of Dredd images by various artists from over the years behind a big announcement of the character’s fifteenth anniversary. That must have saved a few pounds on artwork. When you open the comic up, however, there is absolutely nothing in there that you are even remotely able to construe in any way as a celebration.

The Straitjacket Fits features its first good joke. This episode ends with the doctor character firing a gun into the air and shouting, “let’s kick some bottom!” Unfortunately, it’s a Grant Morrison joke that was used during Zenith Book III a year or two before.

Heavy Metal Dredd is a curious strip. Originally produced for Rock Power magazine, it seems to have been written specifically for Simon Bisley to paint. Mania, gore, over steroid muscle men, motorbikes and sadism are the reoccurring themes here. It’s curious to think that John Wagner and Alan Grant have reunited on Judge Dredd only for Bisley to use his quick style. I’m surprised that everyone agreed to do it considering how late I remember Judgement on Gotham being but this probably explains why Colin MacNeil paints this issue’s. I don’t know much about heavy metal music but isn’t this strip a little out of date thanks to grunge happening about now?

I’m sad to say that I am still disappointed by Middenface McNulty. The Strontium Dog character travels back in time with his dog, Bob, in pursuit of Clootie and his gang of mutants who stole his granny’s birthday present off of him. Alan Grant and Tony Luke write some fun one liners but John McCrea draws the strip in his more cartoony style (see Dicks for another good example). It looks rushed and untidy to me. I might have found it a lot more appealing had someone other than McCrea done the lettering which looks scrappy. I much prefer the more considered style he used recently on Chopper.

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