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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Judge Dredd The Megazine 1.15

My favourite new artist at the moment is Dean Ormston who is shining on the Judge Dredd tale Raptaur. His work here is colourful and vibrant while his character, panel and page composition makes me feel happy. The story might be little more than Alien loose in Mega City One but Alan Grant knows how to write a tale that exploits an artist’s strengths and he has certainly done that on this occasion.

My favourite strip from Volume One of The Megazine finishes today, Al’s Baby. It might be surprising to people in 2009 to hear that in 1991 the idea of a big macho guy, in this case a hit man for the mob, becoming pregnant and going to full term was once an amusing and fresh one. Since Al’s Baby finished we’ve had the significantly inferior Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Junior. We’ve also seen that original Vanity Fair cover featuring a naked and very pregnant Demi Moore satirised so many times since that it’s almost easy to forget that Carlos Ezquerra was one of the first to do it.

Ezquerra’s art is great on Al’s Baby. It’s so animated and expressive. Is it any wonder, though, when you consider how great the script that he was working from is? John Wagner’s characterisation, dialoguing and plotting is almost perfect. The end result is a strip that avoids sentimentality but manages to be both funny and warm.

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