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Monday, January 26, 2009

Judge Dredd The Megazine 1.13

Plain clothed Brit-Cit officer Armitage is investigating the murders of a number of senior judges just as he’s been lumbered with mentoring rookie Treasure Steel. It’s a pretty good dynamic between the two characters but this might be because it’s based upon Inspector Morse and his apprentice Lewis. (I can’t comment on this with any authority because I’ve never sat through an episode of Morse in my life).

Although the characterisation is pretty solid, my problem with Armitage is I don’t really care about who is dying, why they are being killed and who is doing the killing. It feels as if there is an important element missing from Dave Stone’s story that I can’t quite put my finger on. Sean Philips’ art, however, is great. Because he is relatively prolific and continues to work in comics in 2009, it’s easy to take him for granted and forget that this guy seems able to draw absolutely anything. I envy that.

I am definitely enjoying Red Razors, the tale of an East Meg Judge with the help of Ed, his talking horse, searching for the missing corpse of Elvis. Mark Millar’s reinvention of Robo-Hunter might be misguided but for The Megazine, he is writing plenty of sharp dialogue and investing enough ideas for this strip to be vital. This also features the best art by Steve Yeowell that I’ve seen so far in The Slog. It’s emphasised well by the more traditional four-colouring employed by Philip Lynch. It looks refreshing compared to all of the painted artwork going on elsewhere else these days.

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