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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Prog 737

Thanks to Ig-Roid’s occasional Star Spot feature (a questionnaire for contributors to 2000 AD), I learn that John Wagner is the same age then (1991) as I am now (2008). It makes you think that by the time Wagner is my age he’s already created Judge Dredd and written (or co-written) such classics as The Day the Law Died, The Judge Child Quest and The Apocalypse War. He’s also created and moved on from Strontium Dog and Sam Slade Robo-Hunter. Still, on the plus side, he has The Pit, Button Man, A History of Violence and that excellent Bat Man story serialised in Legends of the Dark Knight yet to come.

Not so long ago, thanks to the same feature, I discovered that Ron Smith was born in 1926. This means in that in 1991 he is 64, which means he has always been much older than his collaborators on his work throughout his time at 2000 AD. It was pretty obvious from elements of his art style that he was older but there has always been a tone to his work that complimented the young and subversive attitude of the comic. It also means that today, in 2008, he is 82 years old. I hope he is well and enjoys good health.

CHRISTMAS UPDATES: You may have noticed that my Slog commitments have been ebbing during December. So, I’ve decided to take a proper break from 2000 AD over Christmas week until the New Year. Please report back around New Years Eve or Day for my end of year review followed by a return to more reliable entries.

Happy Christmas.

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