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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Prog 723

There’s nothing quite like a re-launch prog. This issue is the ideal jumping on point for new readers and returning old readers as all the stories are first episodes… except for Rogue Trooper which runs the last part of The Golden Fox Rebellion. Any new readers won’t be particularly interested in what is going on there but, you know, neither are the rest of us.

This prog’s notable first is Mark Millar’s controversial run on Sam Slade Robo-Hunter. It’s a little too early for me to comment on just yet although I will say that if you can’t get Ian Gibson to draw it then Jose Casanovas is an acceptable replacement.

The colour page count has increased to 100 % which considering there has been no price increase is pretty good, I would say. In fact, since prog 700, that turbulent three year period of change the comic seemed to be going through looks like it might be over. Visually, 2000 AD has a healthy mix of fresh new talent such as Dave Hine, old school guys, such as Ron Smith, and Europe based artists, such as Vanyo. Overall, it has a better sense of what it is these days with the majority of creators pulling in a similar direction. In fact, tonally, I would say it has more in common with pre-prog 500 but with improved reproduction. Of course, let’s see how long Tharg keeps it up for.

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