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Monday, November 24, 2008

There's No Time Like The Present Part 8

About twice a year I like to abuse my position as trustee to The Slog to make you of my own comic, There’s No Time Like The Present. Well, part 8 is now available for sale and can be ordered using Paypal from my website or directly from me by mail (contact me here for details).

There’s No Time Like The present is my long comic or “graphic novel” that I have been working on since 2004. When I finish 24 pages of the story (or thereabouts) I collect them together and publish them. So far, 8 parts have been produced (obviously) and I expect to have finished the story by part ten. Maybe part eleven. Definitely by part twelve.

For the new issue, I have had to use a new printer after my last one essentially doubled their price. The bad news is that I have had to put the price up for Part 8 to £3.00. The good news, however, is that the reproduction quality has improved significantly.

The previous seven parts are also still available in the original “hand produced” method for £2.50 each as well as the sexy new production method for £3.00. These can also be ordered from my website using Paypal or directly from me.

Thank you for your time. Normal Slog service will return next time.



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