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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Prog 713

This prog’s Future Shock isn’t necessarily a memorable one but does seem typical of those we’ve seen in general recently. It’s drawn by Ron Smith for starters who isn’t by any means the regular artist but does seem to have done a number of them over the last few months. The Shocks seem to be being given over to new writers, in this case Jim Clements, but established artists at the moment.

In Treasured Companions, Fogherty holds an extravagant dinner party in his vast mansion for some old school friends. He recounts to them the story of how he amassed his vast fortune. It involves him bravely leading an expedition to a planet where he discovers a river that turns whatever is dropped into it to diamond. In good old fashioned Future Shock style, the pictures tell a different story. Fogherty is held hostage by a pair of criminals on the run and stumbles across the river by chance. The story ends with him walking his guests down to the basement where he shows them his kidnappers, now turned to diamond but still alive and having tiny chunks of their bodies sawed away.

It doesn’t make sense that Fogherty on one hand would lie about the circumstances under which he amassed his fortune but on the other show his friends that, basically, he’s torturing two men in the basement for it. This however, is the thing about the Future Shock; a little internal logic can be dispensed with for the sake of an entertaining twist at the end. And of course, Ron Smith’s over acting always helps. At a time when 2000 AD is reworking its established strips so that they have a greater reality to various degrees of success, it’s fun to see that the Future Shock remains non-precious about its ideas and fundamentally silly.

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