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Friday, November 14, 2008

Prog 703

ITEM: We might be experiencing the warm glow of a recent re-launch but my favourite strip is still Judge Dredd. Currently, in a story called Nightmares, Yassa Povy, the boy who found Dredd’s burned up body at the start of The Dead Man, has been brought to Mega City One to have an eye transplant. It’s good to know that Dredd, who can sometimes be a touch dismissive, is appreciative of the role Yassa played in the eventual saving of the Big Meg from the Dark Judges. It’s just a bit depressing to see him walking around with a blindfold on and talking about how he’s too afraid to sleep because of the nightmares. I want a happy ending for the kid.

ITEM: It’s interesting to remember that compared to 2000 AD in 2008, November 1990’s is bigger, dimension wise. Thanks to this and the new whiter paper, some of the artwork looks amazing, particularly Arthur Ranson’s work on Anderson PSI Division Shamballa. On the one hand it looks detailed but on the other there isn’t a single unnecessary line in there. Prefacing each new episode is a full paged blown up reproduction of one of the panels from the strip. I need to tell you that even at ten times the size of its intended reproduction, his art looks flawless.

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