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Friday, November 07, 2008

Prog 695

Dry Run reaches part 8 this prog. Set in a world where a sun flare has burnt away its seas, water has become the most valuable commodity for the survivors who scrabble for it along the dry ocean floors. Dry Run follows a small group of survivors, led by a guy called Zale, who inexplicably can communicate psychically with each other.

I’m sure that there are all sorts of logical flaws to the strip. How can anyone survive an event that burns off the planet’s seas? Wouldn’t such a flare burn away the atmosphere as well? What are the odds of groups of survivors encountering each other given the amount of fatalities that must have occurred and the dramatic increase in the landmass? However, I can accept that the radiation in The Cursed Earth causes entertaining mutations instead of cancer so I’m not too troubled by the shaky premise.

Kev Hopgood’s art is okay. He’s a solid story teller whose work is enlivened by his use of colour here. The problem with Dry Run is that it is dull. All of the characters in Zale’s group seem the same. When the group encounter other posses, they don’t seem particularly unique either. Scripter Tise Vahimagi writes in a matter of fact way. Often the captions state exactly what we can see happening in the panel. If there was at least the occasional joke then that would help to engage me a bit more but there isn’t. I guess this pragmatic approach to telling the story, its lack of humour and its very obvious absence of thrills are the real reason why it’s called Dry Run.

EXTRA: If you’ve ever wondered what the man from the double glazing adverts did before shouting, "You know the one!! You buy one, you get one free! You buy one, you get one free!" then take a look at the cover to this prog.

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