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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prog 685

Judge Dredd Necropolis reaches part twelve this prog. Let’s not forget however that prior to its start, there was the five part Count Down to Necropolis which means it’s been four months since the real Judge Dredd has appeared in 2000 AD. If you include The Tale of the Dead Man story directly before that, then it’s been nearly six months since we learned that the Dead Man is Judge Dredd. It’s a wonder we Squazz Dek Thargo didn’t go crazy with frustration at the start of 1990.

Necropolis has had a beautifully paced and extremely creepy build up to this point. When the Dead Man eventually appears driving his jeep over the horizon it’s a wonderfully liberating moment. When the crazy, bearded lady that attacks Dredd and the lumpy mutant with him is revealed to be ex-Chief Judge McGruder the relief is almost tangible.

I’m imagining everybody involved believing Necropolis to be John Wagner’s final Judge Dredd story. He certainly seems to be throwing the unthinkable at us throughout it. Yet, despite knowing that ultimately the status quo will be returned, I find myself buying into events like some idiot juve. The most amazing thing about this epic is that Carlos Ezquerra has painted an average of seven pages of art per episode for the last seventeen progs. My God, man; you’re making Will Simpson and Simon Bisley look like doddering old geezers!

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