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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Prog 670

On the back of this prog is an ad for the Slaine the Horned God Volume Two graphic novel. That was quick! It only finished a couple of weeks ago!

The repackaging of 2000 AD material in album form seems to be shifting from the originators, Titan Books, to in house at Fleetway. Already they’ve made a start on the Mills/Bisley Slaine story with New Statesmen from Crisis being serialised in the US prestige format for the specialist comic market. Around the corner there’s Chopper Song of the Surfer and Rogue Trooper The War Machine once Will Simpson gets that finished for the weekly first.

I really liked these Fleetway collections even if I currently own very few of them. There was a fresh smell when you opened them up that never seemed to go away and a glossy quality to the paper that elevated the artwork considerably. However, I did usually hesitate at opening the books too fully in case the glue snapped and the pages fluttered away plus a crease in the cover stock often added over a decade to the book’s age.

It’s a bit puzzling to me what the reprint arrangements were at this time. Fleetway might have been publishing Bisley’s Slaine but it was Titan Books who brought out, for example, The Dead Man collection and Zenith Phase III (over a couple of volumes, those sly ol’ dogs). My guess is that Fleetway did the colour albums and left Titan with the black and white work.

Fleetway’s timing in this new to them market seemed slightly off to me. They were incredibly slow, for whatever reason, at positioning themselves where it was them profiting from collections of 2000 AD material. By the time they had organised themselves it was as if the previous publishers had had a great Myspace party in their house and now all that was left were the four walls, the occasional appliance and anything new that they bought into it

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  • Slightly off the subject but while i remember...
    One thing that always irritated me about Titan's collection of Zenith is that they left out a Smash Hits style interview with Zenith from one of the back pages that has him 'revealing his birthday', which is a crucial part of the plot of Phase Two. If it ever gets republished, I hope this page is included...

    By Blogger Tam, at 12:58 pm  

  • I know the page you're refering to, I think Tam. Some of the extras are worthwhile.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:43 pm  

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