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Friday, October 10, 2008

Prog 664

Thanks to the unofficial thrill cross over event between The Dead Man, Judge Dredd and, to a lesser extent (or, more accurately, no extent but it is also written by John Wagner) Chopper, Slaine The Horned God has slipped slightly on my radar. Wagner seems to do this; every time something eventful happens elsewhere in the comic he ups his game in unexpected and satisfying ways.

Volume Two of The Horned God wraps up this prog with The Drune Lords, The Sea Demons and The Tribes of the Earth Goddess all marching into battle against each other. Every creator has maintained their form here. I’m particularly impressed by Simon Bisley who paints stunning artwork at a rate that must make other artists gag with jealousy. If anything, his work has improved this time thanks to a lack of those shortcut pages I spotted in volume one.

Over in Judge Dredd, the appraisal of rookie Judge Kraken continues with art by Will Simpson. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t he be working on Rogue Trooper War Machine of which we’ve only seen four episodes so far. Okay, I know that this work was probably done before he started on the new Rogue but it only goes to increase my confusion over why Tharg decided to run it when so little of it was completed.

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  • I think Will Simpson was starting to get work in america at the time, I recall him workiing on hellblazer.

    This era of 2000AD is really firing on all cylinders, The Horned God, Dead Man, bits of Rogue Trooper and what you just know is going to be a spectacular Dredd epic on the way.

    He really is a great writer and its a pity the yanks never really got to find out because it seems without making it in america you don't get as much respect as others *cough*Alan Moore*cough*

    By Blogger Derek, at 8:45 pm  

  • Derek, Simpson started on Hellblazer a little while after this I would say. Personally, I think Moore deserves all the attention he gets, I just think that otheres, Wagner being a very obvious example, deserve a lot more.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 3:40 pm  

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