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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Prog 652

We might be in the midst of the best Slaine and Zenith stories so far but I currently find myself enjoying especially John Wagner’s writing on The Dead Man and Judge Dredd. Why isn’t his work overall more widely regarded than it is?

In Young Giant, we learn that the late Judge Giant had an off duty affair and fathered a son. Cadet Giant despite his years of training at The Academy of Law is seething with barely concealed rage over the murder of his mother during the Apocalypse War and it’s down to Dredd to resolve the issue somehow out on patrol. Only two episodes in and I find myself completely gripped by the story which goes to show what a great comic strip making team Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra make.

The Dead Man is three episodes old and despite knowing this time that the character is revealed to be (spoiler alert!) Judge Dredd himself I’m enjoying it just the same. This prog, the townsfolk gather to share their observations as to who he might be. He has bullet scars, is aged between 45 to 55 and there’s something unnatural about his eyes. How from this I didn’t work out that he is Dredd I’m not sure. I think that perhaps I was second guessing the writer and believed that, ultimately, we would never see Dredd without his helmet even if his face is all scared up.

The prog ends with the house ad, “Next prog, more of the same”. This is probably the only time that this ad’s appearance is reassuring rather than being completely irritating which it normally is.

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