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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prog 650

As I’ve said before, there’s nothing quite like a re-launch prog but this one carries particular weight thanks to overall inappropriateness of strips during recent months. But first, the bad news; the price has gone up to 40p but the good news is that the colour page count has tripled to eighteen. Zowee!

We have the return of Zenith Phase III and Slaine The Horned God after their mid story breaks. The interesting thing about this is that they start sensibly with recaps of what has happened before which is something 2000 AD has avoided doing for a long while. We also have the start of the new Rogue Trooper by Dave Gibbons and Will Simpson. I’m not too sure that running the reboot before the original version has wrapped up all of its Hits is such a good idea.

In The Shooting Match by Johns Wagner and Higgins, Judge Dredd has a Combat Assessment which we see inter-cut with one that his secret clone brother Kraken is also going through. Elsewhere this prog, there’s the start of The Dead Man by Johns Wagner (using the pseudonym Keef Ripley) and Ridgeway. It’s impossible to forget the reveal of this story even after nineteen years. There’s a real sense of this being the start of the final season of Judge Dredd even if we all know this goes on to not be the case.

Yep, the future for 2000 AD looks pretty good except Tharg goes and ruins it all in the Nerve Centre by telling us in the Coming Attractions item that we have the return of Bradley and Harlem Heroes to look forward to. Thanks a lot, Tharg.

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  • I'm not sure that running the Rogue Trooper reboot before more than four episodes were in the can was a good idea, either...

    By Blogger Grant, the Hipster Dad, at 8:13 pm  

  • One of my few instances in my life of deducing what was coming before The Reveal was The Dead Man, so I have an enormous amount of fondness for the story. Wonder if it'll be reprinted in the 'Case Files' series of books? Necropolis won't make as much sense without it... (working from memory here, apologies if that's not the name of the epic in question).

    By Blogger John Soanes, at 11:16 am  

  • Grant, yeah, that's a bit rubbish.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:55 pm  

  • John, Necropolis sounds right to me. I can confirm when I get there.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:56 pm  

  • Since this is a nostalgia-based blog, I suppose it's ok for me to vchime in and say that this Prog is about where I started reading 2000 AD on a weekly basis, no longer just reading the odd bit here and there as recommended by my big brother.

    That said, I ignored Zenith 'cos it made no sense to me, and the new Rogue Trooper because the art was (and kinda still is) too scary and adult for my tastes.

    By Blogger alexf, at 10:07 am  

  • I can imagine Zenith seeming difficult to penetrate and Rogue Trooper is pretty grusome in places...

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 6:14 pm  

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