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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Prog 646

Tyranny Rex’s friends Fervent & Lobe are up to part five of their own adventure, The Issigri Variations. In it, the cowboy hat wearing duo travel to hell to retrieve a soul they hope to reunite with its body. Sounds like a simple tale, but its one that’s been pushed through writer John Smith’s filter so requires above average attention from the reader to follow.

Now that he has won us over with his recent Rogue Trooper Nu Earth Flashback story, Smith is back saying, “These are my own characters. What do you think of them?” Their personalities seem very similar to each other, John, but I sense that this is deliberate. They’re okay, actually, but then I have recently had to contend with The Survivor starring that talking panther from The Mean Team and a particularly poor run of Moon Runners.

I like artist Mike Hadley’s work here a lot. He has a distinctive style that could see him being lumped together with 2000 AD’s other new wave of artists except his characters look different to each other (apart from Fervent and Lobe but I think that that’s on purpose), he tells the story well and in some panels I get the sense that he is having such a good time that they must have taken him days to draw.

The fun in this strip is in the moments. In a previous episode, one of the characters (it could have been Fervent or it could have been Lobe) looks under the sheet covering a corpse at what could be his very large erection. (Naughty, John Smith!). In this prog’s episode, a demon runs through a series of applications from Earth for approval from Hell which includes one from the Vatican. (Naughty, John Smith!).

Meanwhile, this prog’s notable first is provided by John Smith’s mate Sean Philips who has just popped over from Crisis to paint the cover.

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  • Its a real pity that great servants of 2000ad like Ron Smith and Belardinelli were stuck on such dreck like Survivor and MoonRunners.

    I'd completely forgotten about Mike Hadley, I though Chris Weston did all the Indigo Prime stuff. Its not bad at all and John Smiths on good form.

    By Blogger Derek, at 1:51 am  

  • I remember Hadley might have done some colour work later, but I'll confirm that another time :-)

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:56 pm  

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