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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prog 637

In Triad part3, Anderson of PSI Division encounters members of Ronnie McScot’s Club alight with supernatural fire. She feels she has no choice but to put each of them out of their misery. After shooting them all she talks, understandably, about this act making her “feel sick down to my soul”. She must have got over that unpleasantness quickly because twenty two pages later in this prog’s Judge Dredd episode she turns off some poor sap’s life support machine.

In And The Wind Cried, a ghost walks an irradiated area of Mega City One. Thanks to her convenient psychic ability, Anderson picks up on her presence and, consequently, along with Dredd, they find the ghost’s boyfriend’s rotting body in a bombed out hospital building being kept alive by a life support machine. After Anderson’s second act of mercy this prog (I think she’s getting a taste for it), the ghosts unite in an embrace. Now I’m feeling sick down to my soul.

John Wagner might have officially got Judge Dredd out of their separation but writer Alan Grant seems to have pretty good access to the character. Grant seems more willing to have fun and more able to explore the concept’s range. Last prog in Dead Juve’s Curve, he sampled the lyrics of the Jan and Dean song Dead Man’s Curve to sit the story upon. However, working here solo and, perhaps, because of his volume of work for DC Comics, it does mean that the occasional piece of sickening sentimentality slips through. I wonder if they still wrote Judge Dredd together if Wagner would have allowed And The Wind Cried to end like it did.

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  • Grant throws out schlocky stuff like this now and then. Without wagner there to put the brakes on stuff like this comes out.

    I think it was prog 631 that Grant did another one off called "A childs tale" where dredd accidentally killed a deaf childs mother, it was just plain bad.

    Grant tries to pull on the emotional heartstrings too much, Wagner does pathos much better. When you get to around prog 660 theres a dredd story called "letter to judge dredd", contrast this to "a childs tale" and "the wind cried etc" to see how much better Wagner is at it.

    By Blogger Derek, at 7:49 pm  

  • Yeah, but I think Grant is a prolific ideas guy... As I say, I'm reserving comment on this just now...

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:59 pm  

  • I acknowledge Grant is a great writer but I feel that Wagner was the one to say "hang on Alan thats not right" and trim the excess.

    By Blogger Derek, at 11:56 pm  

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