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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Prog 630

Faith in the Rogue Trooper series of Hits must be a bit shaky at this time for 2000 AD to run the Nu Earth Flashback story, Cinebar, especially given it’s inflexibility in regards to other story decisions it’s made recently. In it, Rogue is tricked into travelling to Cinebar after being infected by a disease that makes even him vulnerable to Nu Earth’s chemical atmosphere. However, once there, the weakened Rogue is captured and, after being cured, forced to fight in the arena for the entertainment of Cinebar’s gambling residents.

The art for the story is by Steve Dillon and Kevin Walker. It’s an interesting combination given that Dillon is a fast artist anyway and it’s hard to imagine creator time being saved by drafting in Walker for the inking job. Still, it looks good, anyway.

I remember Cinebar being the first work by writer John Smith that I really liked and this time around for The Slog I can see why. It’s an accessible story which unfolds in a relatively compelling way given the five pages per episode it has. After the challenge to my patience that was Tyranny Rex Soft Bodies, Cinebar seems like redemption for Smith to me. I am particularly satisfied at the enlightened way he approaches the dynamic between Rogue and his three bio-chip buddies. Smith seems like a natural for Rogue Trooper so it’s interesting to think that, as far as I am aware, he never writes for the character again.

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