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Monday, September 29, 2008

Annual 1990

I think that maybe the covers to the annuals are produced in advance of the content as two of the characters on this year’s don’t appear inside. Tharg must have given Cliff Robinson a call and said, “We’ve got a Moon Runners strip and a Zenith flashback featuring characters from the sixties” and from that, quite reasonably, guessed at who appears in those features. He might have been better off drawing Judge Dredd and Tharg with their arms around Father Christmas instead.

Inside, there are twenty nine pages of new strip in colour. I’m sure that previously in the annuals you would at least get another strip in black and white. Also, we get four pages of “Droid Questionnaires”. Apart from Burt, I’ve never come across any of them before other than the occasional reference in Tharg’s Nerve Centre editorials. If the questionnaires had been filled in by any of the current creators then I might have been interested in reading them but these might as well have been done by people in the street.

I’m a bit under whelmed by this year’s annual. I have to tell you that I read half of next year’s annual before realising my mistake and am saddened to report that there is going to be no improvement. In fact, if anything, it looks a little worse.

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