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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prog 601

Thanks to Band Aid, Live Aid and Comic Relief we, in the UK, were suffering from what the press referred to as “charity fatigue”. I liked “charity fatigue”. It made charity uncool and provided me with justification for not giving my money away to needy people. Before, I never really had a good excuse worked out.

In this prog, a four paged one-off Bad Company strip appears drawn by Brett Ewins, Steve Dillon and Tom Frame at UKCAC 88 (the UK’s Comic Art convention) to raise money for children’s charities. Incredibly, except for Pete Milligan’s script which was written in advance, it took them four and a half hours to produce the strip. What took them so long? I guess they must have stopped for lunch half way through. Nearly £150 was raised from donations from attendees as they worked. I was at that UKCAC and I seem to remember avoiding the room during the period in which they worked. The groats Tharg would normally pay creators for running the strip in the comic are also going to charity and the original artwork will be sold at a later date to raise even more money.

I think the artwork looks very impressive considering the brief period of time in which it was produced. I find myself wondering what the result would have been like had the annual 24 Hour Comic Day been happening in 1988 and they had taken part. Above average, I imagine. Most of all, I find it heart warming to think that at the time they were editing the UK’s coolest comic Deadline, Ewins and Dillon found the time to raise money for charity. Good on you, chaps.

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