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Friday, August 15, 2008

Prog 596

I knew that a lot of Squaxx Dek Thargo enjoyed the Judge Dredd story Song of the Surfer but I never realised that Chopper as a character was popular enough to support his own strip. Yet, here he is, up to part three of a four part run. In Soul on Fire, Chopper tries to talk Jug into the racing the route to Supersurf 10 again. Jug agrees but it’s apparent that he isn’t particularly motivated which, obviously, irks Chopper as he is desperate to prove he is the better surfer.

After having made a good impression with his Strontium Dog shorts recently, Colin MacNeil gets the art gig here. I like his work at this time. With other new artists on 2000 AD making it difficult to decipher the story that they’re supposed to be telling, it’s good to see a guy who seems to have been influenced by the strengths of the original generation of art droids.

John Wagner brings with him the more dour tone he’s been using on Dredd since Oz finished. I feel that the original appeal of Chopper was that he was a rebel, flipping the bird at the authorities in Mega City One. Now, the character has changed from sparkling youth to bitter has-been. It’s hard to see what the commercial appeal of the character is now that he has grown up or to imagine how Chopper can go back to who he was after all that has happened to him.

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