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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Prog 589

In a formatting sense, 2000 AD makes another major adjustment this prog with an increased page count, more colour and a glossy cover. It doesn’t seem that long ago since it switched from the square newsprint format that it used for nearly ten years. Now look at it. It’s trying to look like a style magazine. It won’t be long before it has a spine, three hundred pages of ads and be filled out with aftershave samples.

In the Nerve Centre, Tharg has been gradually turning his head over the last few weeks from his blank stare to the right to, this prog, looking directly at us, smiling and winking. Well, at least he’s not wearing a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and shouting “wus’up!”

Content wise, it’s a premier league collection of strips. Nemesis Deathbringer continues, Rogue Trooper appears in a one off written and drawn by Steve Dillon and Slaine the King and Zenith return by the usual suspects. To celebrate Judge Dredd now being in full colour throughout, John Wagner writes a story in which the character arrives by twister in the Land of Oz. Just like the film, it begins in black and white and switches to colour on his arrival. It’s drawn and painted by John Ridgeway, an artist whose work on Judge Dredd so far has demonstrated that he is remarkably appropriate for the job.

Since returning from Oz (Australia) and becoming Wagner’s sole writing responsibility, Dredd has made comments about his aching back and been less harsh on any exuberant citizens he’s encountered. Last prog, he actually smiled at the prospect of arresting Jug McKenzie. It’s as if Wagner has thought to himself, “if I’m going to be writing Judge Dredd for another ten years I’m at least going to fill out the character a bit more”. It’s a bit disconcerting for those of us who remember the Dredd that dispensed a deadpan quip at the end of each episode.

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  • I remember that shift from black and white to colour and thinking "oh thats new" The glossy cover was a big improvement too, in storage terms anyway.

    regarding John Ridgeway, he's still going strong. He did one of last weeks Commando comics (written by Alan Hebden) called the "The Fighting Fishermen"....and bloody good it is too :D

    By Blogger Derek, at 12:30 pm  

  • Thanks for the update on John Ridgeway. I thought he might have retired for some reason. Great news that he's still getting the gigs.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:49 pm  

  • He seems very active with Commando the last couple of years. He mostly does their nautical adventures so I imagine the dialogue with the editor went something like this...

    "Hullo John, whit would ye like to draw"...with ridgeway replying "something with a lot of boats in"

    By Blogger Derek, at 7:25 pm  

  • The glossy was a bit of a turn off but that Bisley cover, was just the business!

    By Blogger Kevin Levell, at 10:04 am  

  • I'm going to look through the Commando comics more often, Derek.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 4:12 pm  

  • Kevin, I liked the glossy cover but I was slow adjusting to the change overall

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 4:13 pm  

  • I'll try and flag up Commando issues if an ex-2000ad staffer turns up.

    I started getting back into Commando after the other half got me a big collected edition as a stocking filler a couple of years ago. I'm looking at 3 recent issues on my desk with gorgeous Ian Kennedy covers. Lovely stuff.

    By Blogger Derek, at 11:49 pm  

  • Derek, I think my local Smith's carries them. I must remember to glance at them next time I'm in there.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 3:30 pm  

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