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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Prog 574

As far as I can remember, the secret of Summer Magic is that it promises a lot in the way of secrets to be revealed and character destination but never reveals much. Set in 1962, young Luke Kirby is sent to stay with his Uncle Elias in the country for the summer. There’s a fierce, magical beast lose in the woods which seems determined to get at Uncle Elias through members of his family leaving him no choice but to tutor young Luke in the ways of magic.

If you’re a regular reader of The Slog, you will know that I’ve not always been very fond of strips written by Alan McKenzie before this. However, the slow, considered pacing he utilises in Summer Magic works even if the idea seems better suited for a comic other than 2000 AD. The spooky atmosphere is thickened even further by artist John Ridgeway. Ridgeway, whose excellent work on the earlier Judge Dredd story The Raggedy Man I never got to talk about here, is perfectly suited for this thrill thanks to its etchy style and its old fashioned preferences for story telling and characterisation.

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