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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prog 572

In Strontium Dog Stone Killers, a group of rock hard assassins, literally, are responsible for the deaths of various search/destroy agents. Their next targets are a group of agents who have been hired to protect a distillery, including Middenface Mcnulty, all of whom have taken full advantage of the perks available. It’s the latest in a great line of Strontium Dog yarns. Before, there was the Rammy in which Johnny Alpha and Middenface explain in court how they organised a big wrestling match to flush out bounties protected by local law.

It’s been easy to take Strontium Dog for granted at this time. It has always been drawn by Carlos Ezquerra (pretty much), nearly always present, solidly told and yet, statistically, had fewer covers, always a good way to remind readers that you’re there, compared to other thrills. Now the strip is on the edge of major changes with a new regular artist around the corner and Alan Grant about to take over full writing responsibility for it.

Ezquerra will be missed (and I know because I’ve been through this before). There’s no other artist who is as dynamic, with the same sense of panel configuration, that draws mutant abnormalities so distinctly, conjures an environment, designs characters, sets a mood and paces a Wagner/Grant joke quite like he does.

As for Grant going solo, apart from the ultimate outcome, I can’t actually remember much that happens in Strontium Dog from this point onwards. I’m sure it’s all good, though.

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