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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Prog 557

Two thrills finish this prog before I really get to have my say about them, Bad Company II The Bewilderness and Nemesis The Two Torquemamdas.

In the end of Book Seven, Nemesis, consumed by hatred, chases Torqumamda through the time wastes. You can’t blame Nemesis for feeling this way; two episodes back, Torquemamda killed his son with a chainsaw. Good ol’ Torque seemed to writhe around in sexual ecstasy as he was splattered by the alien child’s blood. I don’t want to speculate on what galvanised art robot John Hicklenton to produce such a lurid progression of panels but, from a story telling point of view, it’s an improvement on his earlier episodes.

In the end of The Bewilderness, Danny Franks has assembled a new Bad Company and been reunited with Kano, at last. It seems that the secret of maintaining your sanity in the midst of war is to keep a diary. Franks manages to remain relatively unaffected so far by all of the monstrous events surrounding them whereas everyone else, even the mighty Kano, is given to an emotional outburst at least every now and then.

It turns out that The Bewilderness is the story of the new units’ reuniting with Kano and ends with the promise of the real adventure to come. After episodes of this, it feels a little disappointing not to experience the story in full. I guess we were spoilt by the substance and reliability of the first story last year.


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