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Monday, July 07, 2008

Prog 555

This prog contains two notable firsts; Simon Bisley drawing The ABC Warriors, which I am bound to talk about in a later entry, and the new logo. I don’t know about you but for me this has always been the definitive logo. Simple and elegant, it works well on the cover, the spine of a collection, a badge and a t-shirt. Ingeniously, the new logo is also being used on the Best of 2000 AD Monthly instantaneously as well. Talk about branding.

What is interesting about the change is, from the cover alone, it is clear that the editors anticipate some negative reaction. I’m supposing from this and Tharg’s comment in the Nerve Centre “let’s have no heckling from the cheap seats” that when the shape and paper quality changed a few months ago there were Sqaxx dek Thargo who expressed their dismay. I interpret this, however, as the current regime’s intent to continue to rollout change to the comic irrespective of how a vocal minority or majority of readers feel about it.

Ignoring Dredd’s statement on the front of this prog, what comes with the new logo and design for the comic is the disappearance of the ironic and often witty cover banners and speech balloons. Inside, the box for Tharg’s editorial is smaller, the drawing of his head a constant and the reproduction of readers’ art tinier. It’s as if everyone has decided that there is no space for fun in the Command Module anymore. I imagine someone high up in editorial said, “If we want the world to take 2000 AD seriously then we’re going to have to start taking it more seriously ourselves.”

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  • Memo through time to Tharg: pick one bleedin' logo and stick with it, rather than this current "ooh, I can't choose, so we'll just run two simultaneously" farce.

    By Blogger Mark, at 7:56 pm  

  • Agreed Mark. The horizontal logo on the current progs is a bit dull and unnecessary.

    By Blogger Derek, at 8:28 pm  

  • I think they both look good, but together... they look bleedin' awful.

    By Blogger Mark, at 10:07 pm  

  • The first logo (designed by Kevin O'neill?) was and will always be the one for me. It seemed, I dunno, dangerous...

    By Blogger mat_tait, at 9:00 am  

  • Yeah Mark, I've seen that. It's one big, every logo mash up.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:36 pm  

  • Mat, they should bring back the O'Neill logo.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:39 pm  

  • I'd be fine with that, too. As long as they picked ONE and stuck with it. The current one is such a daft fudge, they might as well start calling the comic 2000AD/2000AD.

    By Blogger Mark, at 9:43 pm  

  • My personal favourite was the one used up until prog 554. I liked the fact that they could use different colours, metallic tones etc on it.

    By Blogger Derek, at 10:18 pm  

  • Mark, maybe 2000 AD is working up to changing its name to 4000 AD.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 6:10 pm  

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