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Friday, July 04, 2008

Prog 554

At last, in this prog’s episode of Oz, Judge Dredd stops kicking his heels around Mega City One and arrives in Australia. Since the latest multi-part epic began ten episodes ago, Dredd has kept a relatively low profile in his own strip. Perhaps he’s keeping his head down after the embarrassingly easy way that Chopper escaped from the cubes at the beginning the story. He even managed to abscond on his own power-board; how humiliating is that?

Internationally and particularly here in the UK, Australia is huge at this time. Kids are bunking off school to watch Neighbours, Crocodile Dundee (the best film of the eighties; discuss) had recently been a hit in the cinemas whilst the country itself is just weeks away from celebrating two hundred years since its first settlement. Yet, despite all of this, I would never have expected a Judge Dredd multi-part epic to be set there.

To me, Oz changes the dynamic of the thrill by more firmly establishing the idea of an international judiciary. Yes, before we had learned of the existence of other Mega Cities in America, the East Meg Judges and Brit-Cit but because these places had been established as either threatening or indifferent (see The Apocalypse War) Mega City One still managed to remain unique and alone amidst the irradiated wasteland of America. Now thanks to friendly Australians, bright sunshine and easy transport to it, Dredd’s world seems less of a menacing place.

PLEASE NOTE: Yesterday, I blogged about my “concerns” with the strip Bradley. It seems that sometimes, all I need to do to start enjoying a thrill is to get my doubts about it off my chest. I quite enjoyed this prog’s little yarn in rhyme, A Krissmas Karrol. Maybe the writing, the art and the story telling has improved in just a couple of progs, but maybe it is just me.

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