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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prog 533

As the weekly continues to go through its transition from what it was to what it is to become, Judge Dredd is experiencing changes also. Previously, more enlightened Squazz dek Thargo had always understood that the thrill takes place in a sub-fascist future America and that the protagonist could often be the bad guy. If you were younger or only interested in the more spectacular elements of the strip then it delivered that to you also as the political and ethical subtext remained present but not in your face.

In Revolution, Dredd heads the mission to undermine a march organised by The Democratic Tendency against the judicial system that runs Mega City One. This involves undermining the march’s leaders in various ways from arresting one on a trumped up bigamy charge to threatening to enrol another’s children into the Academy of Law. Still, twenty million citizens attend the march but it’s undermined further by undercover judge infiltrators and low frequency sonic attack ending in violence and, ultimately, dispersal.

Revolution isn’t the first time that Judge Dredd has dealt with the political implications of the thrill, it being a sequel to the one-off story from last year, Democracy. The fact that John Wagner, Alan Grant and John Higgins returned to the theme rather than just leave it at that is interesting. Democracy is like a statement from them to us that they are aware of the politics, they just chose to deal with it less overtly, Revolution is them declaring their intent to return to the subject as often as they see fit to.

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  • I found your blog a few days ago and have been going through it since, great stuff!

    I started reading comics like battle and warlord around 1979 but my corner shop didn't stock 2000ad so I only encountered it on holidays over to england (I'm from Ireland btw)

    I only started getting 2000ad regularly around prog 502 so your hitting the era that really started it for me for 2000AD.

    Democracy was really the story that made Judge Dredd the top thrill for me, The covers by John Higgins were phenomenal (especially this one) and the storyline was so oppressive in tone, it really marked it out as being a lot more sophisticated than most of the comics i'd read till then.

    The underhanded tactics were exactly those that countries use to deal with protest...indeed I believe that the US is using (or at least using at the experimental stage) sonic and light weapons in Iraq to dissipate protests

    By Blogger Derek, at 6:43 pm  

  • Derek, yeah the Democracy stories from this time are great. Welcome to The Slog, mate.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:46 pm  

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