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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Prog 508

One mainstream American comic practise that traditionally 2000 AD has never indulged itself in very often is the use of pernciller and inker teams. Normally, art robots ink their own work for reproduction. At the moment however, there seems to be a bit of a trend for it.

In Bad Company, Brett Ewins' pencils are being inked by Jim McCarthy, Brendan McCarthy's brother. On one hand, this new dynamic creates a sense of loss in me; as long as McCarthy is around we're not going to see those wonderfully over sized Letratone effects Ewins used during his time on Rogue Trooper. On the other, McCarthy is a fine inker and it's almost certain that had Ewins chosen to ink his own pencils for Bad Company then we would not see the twenty consecutive weeks by him that the thrill requires. More importantly, Ewins seems to be an artist who likes to feel as though he's part of a creative team, in this case Milligan and McCarthy, and a happy artist is a productive artist as far as I can see.

In Judge Dredd The Taxidermist, Cam Kennedy's pencils are being inked by Mark Farmer, fresh from finishing off Mike Collins' art on Slaine for reproduction. First time seeing this artwork, I could have sworn that I spotted a disappointing difference between this and the work that Kennedy produces entirely himself, this time, though, I can't tell. Whatever, this seems to have been a temporary experiment in an artistic alliance as I don't recall them working together this way after.

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  • This is my first time re-reading Bad Company, and I'm impressed. Literate war story, well-paced, good character development.

    By Blogger Simon C, at 6:13 am  

  • Simon, you're right. Read my gushing "review" in my entry today for Prog 510.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:42 pm  

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