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Friday, May 30, 2008

Prog 504

I thought that when Nemesis the Warlock Book Six took a break for its return in prog 500 that it would have been around for a while, a bit longer than five episodes, anyway. Tharg implied that it was a deliberate decision for the good of the thrill as if Book Six's serialisation had been broken down into equally sized, accessible units. Instead, it looks now as if the scheduling caught up with the creators as they approached the end of the book.

I've had a great idea for a new feature for The Slog, incidentally, called Pat Mills' Fascinating Facts. As you may have noticed, Pat likes to drop the occasional factual nugget into the thrills that he writes. For example, often when I'm reading Slaine, I think to myself, I must remember that fact about some Celtic celebration or other so I can impress a friend at in the future with my pseudo-knowledge of Pagan festivals. You may remember me telling you about the time I shouted out the meaning of the word "ogham" during an episode of Call My Bluff once the word appeared on the display and before the options were read out by the celebrity guests. (If only someone else was in the room with me at the time I did it). I'm reading all sorts of fascinating stuff during The Slog thanks to him, some of it I even manage to remember.

The first Pat Mills Fascinating Fact comes from this prog’s episode of Nemesis the Warlock Book Six. Apparently, the practice of scalping in North America was introduced by the white colonists and only mimicked by the Native Americans in retaliation to the acts of cruelty they were exposed to. (Although, according to Wikipedia, “there is abundant evidence that the Native American practice of scalping existed long before Europeans arrived.”

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