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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Prog 482

ACE Trucking Co pushes the fourth wall again. As if seeing art robot Bellardinelli flying a bi-plane across a page a few months ago wasn't enough, now the Aces stop the story by invoking 2000 AD's alien editor Tharg and complaining about the attention Evil Guts is receiving in the current adventure. Personally, I hadn't noticed before but now that you mention it, I did seem to be enjoying the crew's visit to Planet Hollywood AKA Earth more than usual. When Tharg appears, Guts exclaims, "Splinter me sphincter!" as if he's decided that if his dialogue is going to be limited from now on then he's at least going to go out with a bang.

Over in Strontium Dog, Johnny Alpha at last finds the first of Max Bubba's gang who killed his norm partner, Wulf. Tattoo is now wheelchair bound and working as a tattooist on a remote part of Dragan’s World. Coldly, Johnny kicks Tattoo in the wheelchair backwards off a cliff. I don't know what is more amazing about this scene; A disabled guy being kicked off a cliff or seeing the chair smash through a wall between the kick and the fall without apparently losing any momentum.

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