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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Prog 477

When you buy this prog for 26p you get thirty two pages of 2000 AD. I'm including the front cover in this and the single paged Nerve Centre so, excluding them, that's thirty pages of raw thrill power being piped into your brain via your eyes. And it's all thrill, no fill; we're not talking about hastily thrown together recap pages or strips by unpaid but very enthusiastic Squaxx Dek Thargo. You get five strips written by John Wagner and Alan Grant between them, you get great art by Brett Ewins, Robin Smith, Cam Kennedy, Messimo Bellardinelli, Carlos Ezquerra and Brendan McCarthy and, just when any other comic would fill out the remaining three pages with free promotions or readers art, a great Future Shock by Grant Morrison and John Stokes.

There are three main criteria that creators and editors of mainstream genre comics should think about when putting their publications together. I call them "The Three As"; Availability, Accessibility and Affordability. Availability: The customer should be able to wander into a local shop to find a copy and not have to seek it out. Accessibility: By all means run long serials but there should always be something in the comic that hooks the greenest of readers. Affordability: However much the customer has shelled out for your comic, always try to give them a sense of value for money. On the whole, for 477 progs, 2000 AD has ticked all the boxes every time.

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