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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sci-Fi Special 1986

There's usually something interesting happening in a sci-fi special. Like, for example, the Pete Milligan written Rogue Trooper thrill drawn by current principle artist Jose Ortiz. Two Nort soldiers turn against their commanding officer and go AWOL. Turning traitor is a big decision for them. Unfortunately, Rogue Trooper stumbles across the pair and Gunner auto fires, shooting them dead. In the weekly, it's been well over a year since Rogue found the traitor general and left the hostile environment of Nu Earth behind. I guess everyone still thinks as this being the definitive version of the strip.
The real star is the Judge Dredd strip, Beyond the Wall by Wagner, Grant and Steve Dillon. A fourteen year old is arrested for suspicious behavior. When the judges learn that the boy has regularly been visiting a secret garden, Dredd contacts the owner only for her to say she isn't interested in pressing charges. Dredd isn't satisfied with letting the boy go and believing him to have an attitude problem, charges him with Withholding Information and sentences him to six months.

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