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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Prog 463

Judge Dredd The Falucci Tape, a three part story which finishes this prog, confirms something that older Squaxx Dek Thargo have suspected for a long time; that judges aren't allowed to experience loving, sexual relationships like the rest of us citizens are. They are married to the law and there's no space in their lives for anything that might be a distraction. That means no fishing at the weekends, no collecting stamps and definitely no knookey. This probably explains why judges often seem over zealous with their day-sticks when on crowd control duty. Dredd might be a big, tough lawman who has been to the Moon and gets to ride around on a cool bike all the time but at least I've done it. (I'm not doing it again, though; I got my head stuck). *

This prog's notable first: A Future Shock written by new script robot Grant Morrison. Hotel Harry Felix has a good set up, bounces along nicely, has a fun twist and, at just two pages long, contains absolutely no fat.

PJ Nobel writes to the Nerve Centre moved by the plight of a reader who contacted Tharg in a few weeks ago telling him that his move to the Netherlands prevents him from buying copies of 2000 AD, the Galaxy's greatest comic. PJ has offered to buy a second copy every week to forward onto the other Earthlet. What a generous, thoughtful young man. If my memory is correct, Tharg advised the other reader to contact an international subscription service. My advice to PJ is to confirm that the reader isn't able to get 2000 AD by any other means before committing himself. Presuming the guy covers the cost, you still don't want to feel obliged to post him the comic every week for, let's say, twenty two years (and counting).

Finally, 2000 AD goes up to 26p Earth price next prog.

* Alexie Sayle joke from sometime during the 1990s.

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  • That's interesting about the no Judge sex thing. I remember from around the Graveyard Shift onwards that the writers were really moving Dredd away from his (slight) humanity, together with a comical robot and cleaner, to something closer to an automaton (I'm thinking about how they got a full night's sleep by plugging into something for a couple of minutes and then were back out on patrol). The no sex rule certainly emphasises the draconian nature of the judges. And also makes you wonder why you'd bother becoming one.

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 4:49 pm  

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