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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Prog 457

ITEM: Currently, in ACE Trucking Co, our Ace has managed to survive being burned alive in the heart of a sun by getting himself transferred to an alternative universe where he is discovered by the Ace there, point intact, and the rest of the Speedo Ghost crew. Meanwhile, art robot Bellardinelli's personal appearances are becoming increasingly audacious. In this prog, he and the biplane he is flying occupies approximately one quarter of a page. Even more amazing, this seems to have absolutely nothing to do with what else is happening on the page. Surely, Tharg has something to say on the matter and, consequently, this must be the final PA by Messimo I would think.

ITEM: After making an error in judgement in an earlier story, Chief Judge McGruder takes The Long Walk. As a strip, Judge Dredd rarely features fundamental story developments so it's always a bit of a thrill when something like this happens. Art robot Cliff Robinson's work improves this prog although Brian Bolland continues to exert his influence. When we are introduced to the new Council of Five, the panels in question look like they could be straight versions of the comedy Deputy Chief Judge applicants from the Bolland drawn sequence in The Day The Law Died.

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