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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sci-Fi Special 1985

Every year, the Sci-Fi Special seems to get taller. By 1997, I fully expect it to be the shape of a 24 inch ruler. The paper is shinier too. According to my memory, which, as we all know, isn't entirely reliable, the paper the specials now use is similar to that used by magazines that came free with Sunday newspapers at the time.

Inside, Cam Kennedy draws Judge Dredd again. Yay! Neither party involved in this relationship between artist, character and reader is getting bored yet. In fact, Kennedy works well with the taller paper bleeding off page here, there and everywhere.

For the Future Shock, Script Robot Peter Milligan works with Art Robot Brendan McCarthy. It's a creative partnership that goes on to be very influential in comics. Outside of 2000 AD at this time, they might be creating vital comics, however, in Do You Copy, we are given a perfectly enjoyable Future Shock but nothing particularly memorable story or art wise.

The final DR and Quinch story by Alans Moore and Davis is here also. It really is a wonderful and a flawless way to wrap up the thrill that the creator droids have decided never to do again. I'm trying to forget about the single paged, agony columns the characters go on to host a couple of years later.

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