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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Prog 450

Even if 2000 AD publishers IPC seem to be unable to accept that they have a hit on their hands at least those close to the comic, for example the editorial staff as represented by Tharg, understand that a good way to celebrate Christmas is to run an extra long Judge Dredd story. In A Merry Tale of the Christmas Angel, Judges send a food convoy to the mutants outside the West Wall, a freshly lobotomised Mean Machine Angel spends the day with a timid, middle aged couple and some guy with issues about the festive season goes on a shooting spree at a nativity play. If I were to say to you that this tale’s “Scrooge” has a Mohican hairstyle, who would you say draws the thrill? The answer is, of course, Steve Dillon, although I would have considered “Brett Ewins” a reasonable guess. This story serves as a perfect example of what great writers Wagner and Grant are. Each thread is entertaining in its own right but, by the end, they collide together in a perfect and utterly satisfying way.

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