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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Prog 449

This prog's Rogue Trooper strip ends, mid story, with the announcement that the thrill will return in the New Year. This seems to be happening a lot recently; first Mean Team and now this. At the height of it's popularity, all that seemed to happen in the thrill is that Rogue Trooper marched around Nu Earth looking for The Traitor General and experiencing grim and, on the whole, humourless adventures. Now, it feels like, ever since finding the traitor, every new story is an event.

This time, Rogue and his bio-chip buddies return to Milli-Com to witness The Souther and Nort brass signing a peace treaty. How did this happen? Where was the foreshadowing to this? It wasn't that long ago the very idea of a Nort was enough to send a Souther officer into a battle rage; now they're best friends?

The good news is that there is a mysterious alien race who have united the old enemies against them and, even better, have had to base themselves on Nu Earth so that they can travel through the nearby black hole once the space storms have passed. The new aliens have teleportation technology which means every episode over the last few weeks has seen them suddenly appear from nowhere and cause disruption before disappearing again. Helm, Gunner and Bagman are about to be regened when, suddenly, the aliens appear, grab the geneticists and vanish. The Nort and the South top brass are about to have a peace treaty party when, suddenly, the aliens appear, knock over the jelly and ice cream, steal the pass-the-parcel parcel and vanish. Rogue is about to settle down for a relaxing, hot bath at the end of a hard day trudging around Nu Earth when the aliens suddenly appear, swap the hot water for ice cubes, cover the bar of soap with itching powder and then vanish. Damn those pesky aliens.

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