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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prog 445

Nemesis Book Five stops for a little break after this prog. It ends this episode with Nemesis, Torquemada and the ABC Warriors entering the Time Wastes to stop Thoth from destroying the galaxy by forcing the black and white holes that exist either side of Termight to collide. Torquemada's wife, Candida, and alien loving Purity Brown are also present. It should be noted that Bryan Talbot, the art robot with the loveliest hair in comics, is drawing them both with big, Goth style Barnets as was the fashion in 1985 and again in 2008 and whatever year this story is set in.

Judge Dredd has been experiencing a memorable run of self contained one offs recently. It's as if script robots John Wagner and Alan Grant are compensating readers for the disappointing, multi part epic City of The Dammed. In this prog's tale, hundreds of citizens jump silently to their deaths from the top of Flakey Foont block. The story ends with the Judges concluding, after a lengthy investigation, that no criminal act was responsible for the deaths but was, in fact, a case of mass hysteria brought on by modern living. I can't remember how I felt reading this in 1985, at the time Milton Keynes, apart from being Europe's largest mutie ghetto, also happened to have the country's highest suicide rate, but in 2008, probably because of recent events in Wales, I find it quite bleak.

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