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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Prog 437

So far, Nemesis Book Five, currently up to episode three, is proving to be the closest 2000 AD has got to a multi-thrill cross over. Already we've seen Ro-Jaws from Ro-Busters, a reference to the ABC Warriors, a Judge pulled forward through time from Mega City One and Satanus... again! What is it with Pat Mills and Satanus? Every thrill he writes eventually features an appearance by the insatiable tyrannosaurus rex or one of his relatives at some point or other.

Last prog, during their wedding, Magna dropped her psychic guard for a moment and Nemesis learned that she had murdered his last wife and left his son for dead at the end of Book Three. Understandably, Nemesis killed her instantly with his sword. If you ask me, if you have to carry a sword to your own wedding then you probably don't trust your bride enough to marry her in the first place. Personally, I don't think that Magna was that bad; earlier, she gobbled up Grobbendonk whole when Nemesis' back was turned. Grobbendonk has been irritating me ever since he got the gig as Nemesis' familiar during Book One.

If memory serves me correctly, the panel where Magna is killed was "censored" for publication. Art Robot Brian Talbot originally drew it containing fountains of blood but the excuse that Magna is an alien and, therefore, that isn't really blood didn't cut it this time and somebody high up in the chain had somebody else lower down apply some tip-ex.

Meanwhile, slow moving IPC, the publishers of 2000 AD, are at last taking advantage of the growing readership and old material by publishing the Best of 2000 AD Monthly as advertised this prog. Issue one runs the Judge Dredd strip Blood of Satanus (him again!) which recently appeared in the US styled monthly reprint comic and has remained in print thanks to The Chronicle collections, both published by Titan. IPC seem to respond to trends nearly as quickly as the Roman Catholic Church.

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