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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Prog 432

Rogue Trooper's visit to Horst turns out to have been relatively brief. Already, he has found the antigen that will enable his bio-chip buddies to be re-gened and is on his way back to Milli-Com to face the consequences of disobeying orders. Once again, Rogue ends a story imagining himself standing together with his GI brothers, Gunner, Helm and Bagman, as whole men with their shirts off. I think we all understood that Rogue couldn't spend the rest of his time in 2000 AD searching for the Traitor General but relocating him from Nu Earth doesn't seem to have been a wise move considering that the planet functioned as a major character in the thrill itself.

It's not just in Rogue Trooper that there is a sense of these being its final days. In ACE Trucking Co, Ace has been given only days to live and has decided to take part in a race to Poopoopeedoo where, once again, he has wagered his entire trucking business on winning. Once again, art robot Belardinelli draws himself in, this time as an overweight pirate. What makes his cameo different on this occasion is that the characters name is Belardi leading me to think that it has been written in by Wagner and Grant.

In Judge Dredd Nosferatu, written as usual by Wagner and Grant, Mega City law enforcement is on the hunt for a spider like murderer who kills his victims by liquefying their insides and drinking the contents through puncture holes in the neck. Lovely. The great thing about Judge Dredd is that, conceptually, it's scope is broad and strong enough to handle a genuinely creepy tale as this as well as the political satire, big adventure and outrageous violence that we already know it for.

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  • I'm re-reading my collection of 2000ADs too, and Rogue Trooper is one of the biggest disappointments. I was never a huge fan of it to start with, but I didn't remember it being as weak as this. After a few good stories when it first began, its been struggling since the 300s, kept going only by Kennedy. Now Ortiz is doing an ok job, but I've stopped caring what happens. 2000AD seemed really committed to the character, re-vamping it several times later. I thought only the War Machine story by Gibbons/Simpson was any good.

    By Blogger Simon C, at 11:21 am  

  • I think it coming close to Dredd in the polls so often encouraged the editors in re-imagining the character. "It was popular once, it can be popular again."

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 7:45 pm  

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