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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prog 412

It's only been running for eight years and already 2000 AD is paying tribute to itself. For example, this prog's Judge Dredd story, Monsteroso, seems to be a tribute to the Pat Mills' scripted robot strips from around the comic's third year. In Monsteroso, a construction robot, a la Charlie from Ro-Busters, short circuits and goes on a block smashing rampage. The opening panels, which, as you might recall, occupy the centre pages at this time, are a double, colour spread, a la George the giant robot with five brains from ABC Warriors.

Helltrekkers, arguably a tribute to Mills' original Cursed Earth story, sees the nasty Nebb family finally dealt with this episode. The Nebbs have been causing trouble for the otherwise descent and sometimes eccentric folk of the trek since their journey began ten days before by doing things like taking pot-shots at passing mutants and making insulting comments about the Glemps' crab baby, Crustacia. Personally, I see the Nebbs as the helltrekker equivalent of The Osbournes, stamping their way around the media, mystifying the majority of the public with their constant appearances on our televisions, making random and unprovoked attacks on blameless individuals and using the word "family" to justify their behaviour. In Helltrekkers, Rudd leaves the Nebbs’ mother alive; if this were the Osbournes, she would be the first to go.

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