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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Prog 410

Peter Milligan seems to have taken over from Alan Moore as official Future Shock script robot. This prog's, The Snicker Snack, tells the story of a chubby dude's hunt for a shape changing alien. At one point, amusingly, he blows up a pair of boots (I don't know why I find that funny). Later, he gives up on his search, leaving it to someone else, and settles down to a sandwich. You’ve guessed it; it turns out that the alien has assumed the shape of the sandwich! M Night Shyamalan, eat your heart out!

Alan Hebden is still getting his stories drawn up though. His Future Shock this prog, Long Division, sees the military use instant cloning/duplication technology to build an army from just ten individual soldiers. As we all know, the military are forever ignoring the warnings of those egg headed scientists and steam rolling ahead with untested new technologies in combat situations. The twist here is that each duplicate is a percentage of the size of the originals depending on how many are made so that, finally, the army ends up in a battle with bacteria. How do you like them onions, M Night Shyamalan?

It's interesting to me that these two script robots should have Future Shock stories in the same prog. One, Milligan, goes on to become a highly respected writer of American comics while it's difficult to find current work by the other, Hebden. Yet, I would say that Hebden's pips Milligan's to the post. Outside of this prog, I go on to be awestruck by much of Milligan's work, particularly Shade the Changing Man, The Enigma and X-Force, but his Future Shocks so far, although entertaining enough, seem self conscious and lack that sense of subversion which makes much of his other work so memorable.

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  • Yes, Alan Hebden seems to have vanished from the planet. David Bishop couldn't track him down for an interview for Thrill-Power Overload.

    By Blogger Grant, at 3:32 pm  

  • Someone commented here Grant that he recently wrote something for DC Thompson. I'll see if I can track it down.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 6:22 pm  

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