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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Prog 408

I’ve talked briefly here before on my theory of how a smaller group of creators, particularly writers, helped to give 2000 AD during its first decade a consistency of voice. This prog, however, features five different script robots working on five different thrills. This reminds me that I haven’t really mentioned what else I feel made 2000 AD successful as an anthology.

24P isn’t much money in 2007 but it wasn’t much in 1985 either and yet every corner that isn’t filled with thrill or advertising still has some form of 2000 AD goodness in it. The Nerve Centre, for example, always contains a witty editorial from Tharg plus readers’ art and letters, often equally amusing. On the occasions that the back cover is free of advertising, there is usually a colour pin-up. On the back of this prog is a Rogue Trooper illustration by Cam Kennedy. On pages featuring classified ads, the gaps have been filled with samples from a thrill in that prog, usually over dubbed with some funny observation or other. Even the next prog bit not only manages to feed teasers of what is to come but also works as a piece in it’s own right.

Finally, there is the cover. On one hand there exists the illustration but on the other there is the banner and the tag line. For this prog, there is little that is exceptional about the combination, but often they are clever and witty. The cover nearly always succeeds in being at least a little intriguing to the browser but, at the same time, manages their expectations by only hinting at the effort and intelligence that’s gone into the contents within.

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