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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Prog 397

ACE Trucking Co's current run pre-dates 2000 AD's most recent re-launch which, already, is over ten weeks old. So far, we've seen the crew of The Speedo Ghost escape from prison, save a royal pig and make their greatest enemy so far, the space pirate Evil Blood. Currently, we're in the midst of a story where the crew have unionised turning the running of the ship into a workers’ co-operative. As a result, Ace has resigned, leaving GBH, Chiefy the Pig-Rat and Feek interviewing for a new pilot.

I've always felt that 2000 AD functions as effective political and social satire at around this time but, even though Britain is currently in the middle of the bitter miners strike, I wouldn't say that the current ACE story is an attempt to either comment on or mock it. I see this thrill as working like a seventies character driven British sitcom, except set in space and funnier, and industrial action in the workplace was one of the common story themes at the time. In fact, I keep thinking of The Rag Trade in which one of the characters would call for industrial action every time management made a decision by shouting, "everybody out". I expect in future stories we'll see Ace sharing a space ship with two young, single women and GBH opening a restaurant with a one armed washer-upper.

Strike has seen a change in the dynamic between the cast. Like the best abrasive sit-com characters, Ace is coming across as sympathetic now that he has been ostracised by his crew. Feek, who previously I liked, seems to have taken on the role of union leader and is now unlikable, particularly as he's telling the pilot interviewees that they will be waged employees and not entitled to a share of the co-operative's profits. As for Feek's side kick, Chiefy the Pig-Rat; I find myself thinking, who does he think he is saying what he does about Ace? Where did he come from? He didn't used to be a member of the crew. In fact, what the hell is his job, anyway?

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  • They picked Chiefy up in one of the earlier adventures. Him and Feek liked each other and when Ace tried to get rid of him, Feek basically said 'if he goes i go'. Chiefy's sole task seems to be to criticise Ace, and calling him Big Ears which I always found funny cos his ears are bigger!

    By Blogger Simon C, at 12:21 am  

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