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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Prog 388

First time around, this Judge Dredd story, Error in Judgement, and last prog's, Question of Judgement, rocked my world. Before, I had always thought that the character of Dredd was unmoving, free from "development" and certainly never prone to displays of weakness and yet, here he his, expressing doubt over his reactions to a recent street robbery and using Justice Department funds to pay for psychological work on little Bonnie Crickle.

In Error in Judgement, Dredd is having to explain to Chief Judge McGruder why he recently punched Judge Winslow, head of Finance, in the face. Recently, he has become acquainted with a family whose daughter has had her brain transplanted into a robot body after falling into a rad pit. However, the result isn't just a little girl who looks very different but also behaves out or character. Moved by their plight, but hiding it well, Dredd pays for expensive psychological work on the girl. The good news is that it works, the bad news is that the block juves still see her as a freak and, upset by their taunts, little Bonnie Crickle runs out into the road and is destroyed by a passing truck. Art robot Ron Smith, draws Bonnie as a brain floating inside a glass bowl on top of mechano body. Her eyes are on metal stalks but she skips around in her clunky body like any little girl would and yet, despite the absurdity of this image and the events, Error in Judgement still manages to be moving.

When Dredd returns to Justice HQ, he is approached by an angry Winslow who we all remember having problems with him after an incident during the Judge Child Quest. When Winslow describes Bonnie Crickle as "Another leech feeding off the city", Dredd reacts by punching him square in the face, knocking out teeth and his glasses askew. Good on you, Dredd! Like all arsehols from Finance, he had that coming! Now all Dredd has to do is track down the Head of Justice Department Human Resources and kick him in the balls.

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  • Oh, I really enjoyed these stories too. I hadn't made the connection though with the accountant being the same guy Dredd sent packing at the beginning of the Judge Child Quest. Still, he should be thankful, Dredd might have found him to be more 'susceptible' than Lopez to hallucinogens.

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 4:09 pm  

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